Our mission is to

Prettify You

The most beautiful salon experience at a reasonable price


Haircut for women

A cut above the rest done by our senior stylist


Haircut for men

A cut above the rest done by our senior stylist


Bombshell blowdry

Blow dry plus shampoo and head massage


Sleek forward

Flat iron plus shampoo and head massage


Prettiserie hairstyle

Client choice of hairstyle, updo, curl etc. plus shampoo and head massage


Eyebrow blush

New technique of eyebrow coloring


Brows threadnology

Eyebrows threading and defining technique for perfectly-shaped eyebrow arch


Head backriding massage

30 minutes of additional signature relaxing massage


Main Course

Color My World (Full Hair Color)

  • Roots / Retouch — ₱2,150
  • Short — ₱2,250
  • Medium — ₱2,850
  • Long — ₱3,450
  • Extra Long — ₱3,850

Gloss Treatment - Semi Permanent

  • Roots / Retouch — ₱1,950
  • Short — ₱2,250
  • Medium — ₱2,650
  • Long — ₱3,250
  • Extra Long — ₱3,650


  • Short — ₱2,750
  • Medium — ₱2,950
  • Long — ₱3,250

Deep Cleansing

Milder way of wash out technique


Color Creations

Different color techniques to achieve the desired color. For pricing, please call us at (0917) 774 8999 or (02) 875 7917


  • Ombre
  • Balayage
  • Or your request


  • Short — ₱4,500
  • Medium — ₱5,500
  • Long — ₱6,500
  • Extra Long — ₱7,500

Lovely Swirl

Traditional perm

  • Short — ₱1,980
  • Medium — ₱2,400
  • Long — ₱2,800
  • Extra Long — ₱3,200

Mac Argan Moisture Sealer

Powerful combination that instantly restores moisture of severely damaged hair


Organic Miracle Care

Hydrates and locks in nutrients for healthy and shiny hair


Prettiserie Healthy Locks

Signature hair treatment


Scalp Purifier

Hair spa detox for a healthy scalp


Repair Deluxe

For extremely damaged hair

  • 1 Vial — ₱900
  • 2 Vials — ₱1,600


Color Care Enhancer

For color treated hair


  • 1 Vial — ₱900
  • 2 Vials — ₱1,600


Keratin Sealer (Keratin Treatment)

  • Short — ₱3,500
  • Medium — ₱4,500
  • Long — ₱5,500
  • Extra Long — ₱6,500

Foot Dessert Hand





Tip Toe Package

ManiCaress + PediCaress


Youtful Promise (Anti-Aging Foot Spa)

Helps minimize age spots and fine lines. It has collagen and aloe vera for a youthful glow.


Rosy White (Whitening Foot Spa)

Helps lighten the skin and erase the appearance of blemishes. It has natural papaya and pineapple extract for that perfect luminous glow.


Calming Relief (Muscular Relief Foot Spa)

Has therapeutic treatment to soothe tired and achy muscles. It has cooling peppermint power.


Blooming Detox (Purifying Foot Spa)

The most refreshing citrus inspired treat! It has lemongrass and tea tree extract to keep feet odor and moisture free all-day.


Callous Slayer (Callous Eraser Foot Spa)

Sole salvation foot ritual that helps banish dry, cracked, and calloused feet, giving your feet that smoothest finish.


Lovely Caress (Aromatherapy Foot Spa)

Provides ultimate relaxation. It has a French Lavender essential oil that will send you to a state of bliss and tranquility.


Hand Spa Dream

Gorgeous Infusion (Deep Hydrating Hand Spa)

Perfect to soothe dry skin and bring back lost moisture. It contains milk and almond extract for ultimate hydrating effect.


Heavenly Touch (Aromatherapy Hand Spa)

Ultimate relaxation hand spa infused with french lavender essential oil to calm your senses


Calming Cure (Tension Relief Hand Spa)

Perfect for over-worked and tired hands. It is infused with ginger extract to stimulate blood circulation.


Paraffin Heaven

Hand Paraffin

Choice of:

  • Blissful Aroma (Aromatherapy)
  • Tranquility Point (Tension Relief)


Foot Paraffin

Choice of:

  • Serenity Touch (Muscular Relief)
  • Callous Smasher (Callous Eraser)


Happy Gel-sserie

Gel Hand Caress

Premium Gel + ManiCaress


Gel Foot Caress

Premium Gel + Pedicaress



Gel Care Removal


Tiptoe Indulgence

ManiCaress + PediCaress + Handspa


ManiCaress + PediCaress + Footspa


  • Polish Upgrade — ₱100
  • Nail Artsy - Nail Art Services


Kiddie Land

Foot Spa Junior Bubble Gum


Hand Spa Minnie Chocolate


Prettiserie might just be the prettiest salon in the metro.

"Led by Ivy Almario, a Filipina interior designer, this beauty boutique has all the makings of a high-end beauty parlor. It’s got elegant interiors in a gray-and-white palette, luxe vanity mirrors, cozy couches, and private rooms for intimate parties. We see it as the perfect micro-vacay for girls looking to reward themselves on the regular."
— Beauty Manila

Our beautiful second floor where you can enjoy a private beautification experience.

The bridal room is the perfect place to celebrate the most memorable moments in your life.

With a chic atmosphere, the library is the ideal place for father and son bonding, or just a private place to get your hair cut.

We source only the best materials from the most reputable manufacturers.

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